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LIGHTNING It’s often said that some people and animals are just meant to be together. That is something I firmly believe in because it has happened to me too many times to be just coincidence. Look at Lightning, my beautiful coloured cob. Fate certainly had a hand in his arrival at the trekking centre. I […]


LEO This handsome bay pony may only be a little chap but he’s going to make a big impact here at the trekking centre. Leo came to us thanks to one of my friends, who told me one of her work colleagues was looking for a good home for her daughter’s pony. He was a […]


LAROSA The lovely Larosa – stable name Lola – is a bay Welsh Section D mare whose registered name is actually Budore Lea-Rose. I always call her Larosa, even though nearly everyone else calls her Lola. She is another find by Lucy, my former yard manager. Lucy wasn’t working with me at the time but […]


Jacob’s Creek – better known to everyone as Jake – is one of our newest arrivals here at the trekking centre. After the retirement of Thomas and Meg I decided we needed another big horse, so I set my former yard manager Lucy the task of tracking down a likely recruit. I wanted something flashy […]


We’re flying along with our tour of the trekking centre horses and today we’ve reached the appropriately named Jetwings – better known to you all as Galaxy. This gorgeous Irish x Arab boy is actually registered under the name Jetwings with the Arab Horse Society and he surely must be one of the most loved […]


Let me introduce you to Yswain Gabriel – a beautiful name for a beautiful horse. Known to us all as Gabriel – or Gabs for short – this handsome boy is a Welsh Section D. Most people think he is black, but he’s actually chocolate. Gabs wasn’t a planned buy. As you will all remember […]


Now we have reached E and there is just one – the elegant Emrys. He is special to me as he is the last of my original trekking centre horses and he is still bursting with life and vitality. Only today I watched him trotting ahead, leading the whole herd down from the field. He was […]


CONNOR The last of our ‘C’ horses is the lovely Connor – a chestnut Welsh Section D. This little horse is the perfect all-rounder in the trekking centre – reliable, calm and sensible for beginners and still a fun ride for the more experienced. I bought Connor when he was just a foal. A friend’s […]


CHASE Everyone knows Chase – he is my trademark, the handsome face of my trekking centre, my lead horse and my dream boy! In fact, he is so important to me that his measurements have been taken for a carved sculpture that will eventually stand outside our lodge. Little did I know all those years […]


On we go with our insight into our lovely horses and we’ve reached C, so I will start with a boy who has a special place in my heart. This handsome chestnut Welsh Section D came from my favourite stud – Yswain Cobs – and his registered name is Yswain Capulate. I had bought two […]