While there is always lots going on here at the trekking centre I am always delighted to be able to offer special events.

And this summer we will have plenty to look forward to, thanks to our programme of seven super dates.

PUB RIDES have always been hugely popular events but last year I had to discontinue them due to circumstances beyond our control.

So I am very excited to announce that the Bank Holiday Monday PUB RIDES are back with a new venue for our lunch. I am sure you are going to love them, especially as our new pub is a little further away, so that means a longer time in the saddle and visiting parts of our beautiful Cannock Chase we do not usually see. And the food there is fabulous!

These fantastic days out are for experienced riders only, but please bear in mind that this will be quite a long ride,  so pay attention to your physical fitness. You must be comfortable at walk, trot and canter.

The dates are April 22nd, May 6th, May 27th and August 26th. Spaces will be limited so don’t leave it too late to book!

cannock chase trekking centre cannock chase trekking centre

cannock chase trekking centre
















I am delighted to again offer our two-day LONGDON TRAIL RIDE on Thursday and Friday, July 25th and 26th.

There will only be 10 places available on this lovely ride that is one of the highlights of my summer.

I personally take this ride and we will enjoy two full days of riding through the glorious countryside of Cannock Chase, on a variety of different tracks and terrain.

Your selected mount is your own horse for the two days and you will be responsible for his care.

We will start with coffee and pastries here in the bistro before we bring in our horses, groom and tack up and then head out on our adventure. We will stop at a gorgeous country pub for lunch, riding on in the afternoon to our cosy overnight farmhouse accommodation.

We will make sure our horses are comfortable before turning them out to graze in their holiday paddock. Then it’s our turn to relax with a glass of wine and I will prepare a delicious evening meal. Finish our evening with a dip in the jacuzzi to ease any aching muscles.

Next morning we will wake up to a full English breakfast before tacking up to begin our ride home. But it’s not over yet! Depending on the weather we will stop for either a picnic on the Chase or a pub lunch as we wend our way back to the centre.

This event is for experienced riders only. Please contact the centre for prices and booking information.

And for a really special treat with friends I am happy to offer this fantastic trail ride to private groups.

If you want to put together a group, with a minimum of six riders, you can have an identical two day experience to yourselves. Please liaise with the centre over possible dates, and I would be delighted to make myself available to escort you over a weekend.


CANNOCK CHASE TREKKING CENTRE cannock chase trekking centre












The annual LICHFIELD SHERIFF’S RIDE is our event of the year on Saturday, September 7th. This historic beating the bounds ride starts from the centre of Lichfield and heads out on a route of more than 20 miles that does include some roads.

Riders are in show dress and the horses are turned out to the highest of standards to impress the large crowds that line the streets to cheer us on. You must be available for the two preparation days prior to the ride.

cannock chase trekking centre







This event is for experienced clients only and riders’ abilities will be assessed before bookings are accepted.  It is a long and challenging day and in the interests of the horses I must impose a 13stone weight limit.

On Wednesday, September 4th, there will be a two hour pre-Sheriff’s trek when I will ensure you are comfortable with your chosen horse and organise rider pairings for the big day.

Thursday and Friday, September 5th and 6th, are very busy but lots of fun! You will be looking after your own horse – with the help and supervision of myself and my staff – and doing all the bathing, mane and tail washing and tack cleaning before my girls apply the finishing touches.

cannock chase trekking centre cannock chase trekking centre










Then it’s the big event and it really is a very special and memorable occasion. In 2018 we took our biggest ever group and everyone was so pleased and proud of themselves at the end of a brilliant day. Again, please contact the centre for prices and booking details.

cannock chase trekking centre cannock chase trekking centre







There will be a first for us on Saturday, May 25th, when we stage our RANCH PARTY NIGHT.

This will be our first ever evening event and the whole centre will have a Western ranch theme.

Evening views out to the Chase from our bistro are spectacular with the horses at rest in the fields, so you can relax around the cosy flames of the fire pit with a drink, or enjoy some dancing to our live band.

There will be a bar, food from our smokehouse barbecue, face painting and much more. If you are feeling really daring, test your riding skills on our bronco bull. Watch the website for when tickets go on sale.

So those are our super seven events but that won’t be all this summer! Wait for news of evening barbecue rides, an Indian restaurant ride and perhaps an early morning breakfast ride.  We will keep you busy this summer!



After such an exciting 2018 I have decided we need to go one better as we head into a new year, so I am expanding our programme of adult activities.

We have lots of fun going on for children, so the grown-ups deserve their excitement too! There will be brilliant treks as usual and loads of action in the arena designed at improving riding skills and learning new disciplines. I hope there is something for everyone!

Our arena is open Wednesdays to Sundays for the normal range of lessons and we will now have two late nights, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Saddleless Master Class

Our very popular SADDLELESS MASTER CLASS will be on Wednesdays at 6 pm for 45 minutes and this bareback training session is led by myself. Anyone can try this if they are comfortable at walk, trot, and canter.

This is a fun class set to music but it has a serious theme. Whenever I see things start to go wrong for a rider it is generally loss or lack of balance that is to blame.

In this class, I will ride alongside you and teach you how to develop your core strength. Using cones and pole work you will learn how to use your posture and body position to assist your horse.

Riding bareback is something I have done all my life and I still do. I make sure that at least a couple of times a week I take my stallion Zidane into the arena to work without a saddle. Even with all my years of experience, I find it still improves my core strength and balance.

I really want to encourage all my riders to join me and try this. It is such a good way to boost confidence too.

Saddleless Masterclass Lisa with Chase

Introduction to Dressage

On Thursdays at 6pm we will have an INTRODUCTION TO DRESSAGE class, led by our BHS registered instructor Karen. I decided to introduce this 45-minute session for people who would like to have a go at learning the basics of this fascinating Olympic discipline.

I am not expecting anyone to suddenly turn into Charlotte Dujardin, but you will be able to build up to performing a preliminary dressage routine. This will be great for riders who like to have a target to aim for and will provide such a feeling of achievement.

Polework Clinic

Thursdays at 7pm is the slot for our great new POLEWORK CLINIC, led by myself and our instructor Karen.

This new discipline is all the rage in the horse world at the moment. People who own their own horses are travelling all over the place to take part, so I decided our clients here should have the chance too.

This is a group lesson and loads of fun for both horse and rider as you all try our grids of 30-plus poles in the arena. Pole work is the key to rhythm, balance, and straightness, so I am sure you will all soon notice the difference in your riding.

Cannock Chase Trekking, Lessons

Cross Country Clinic

From April onwards this slot will be taken over by our very popular summer CROSS COUNTRY CLINIC led by myself and Karen. Watch our website for dates and details.

cannock chase trekking centre xc

Cannock Chase Trekking, Cross Country

Intro to Jumping

On Saturdays at 3.45 we will have another fun group activity, INTRO TO JUMPING.

Take your first leap into jumping in a controlled environment, learn the jump position and stages of the jump. This is an ideal class to prepare if you want to have a go at the summer cross country sessions.

Intro to Jumping

Adult Beginners’ Group

Another new activity is our ADULT BEGINNERS GROUP on Sundays at 2pm. This is exactly what it says, an opportunity for adults to learn the basics of riding for the first time, but so much more fun in a group atmosphere.

Western Riding

Do you love a good Western on the TV? Have you ever fancied learning to ride like a cowboy? Well now you can!

I am so excited about our WESTERN RIDING class on Sundays at 3pm. I absolutely love Western riding and I am so happy to be able to offer this activity. Full Western tack and an instructor will ride with you. This is also a good preparation if you plan a ranch holiday at any stage.

Cannock Chase Trekking, Western Riding

Please contact the centre for booking and pricing details. And please remember to keep checking our website and Facebook page for news of events and activities.



It’s a new year and I have loads of new activities planned to take place here at the trekking centre.

Obviously the centre is growing and I am always thinking of fun ways for our young riders to learn and to interact with our lovely ponies and I have introduced a whole children’s schedule.

Every week we have our PONY CLUB for children aged four and over. This runs each Wednesday from 4pm to 5pm.

This is perfect for every child who ever dreams of owning their own pony. It is a fun and exciting opportunity to get close to a pony, with kids learning stable management, how to groom and look after a horse and obviously includes a riding lesson.

This is pony club with a difference. Throughout the year we will be adding all sorts of fun activities and there will be the chance to play gymkhana games, try Western riding and have a go at bare back.

I always think children learn best through fun and it is important that they become “horse savvy”. It is fine to focus on learning to ride, but pony handling is a very important skill.

cannock chase trekking centre

cannock chase trekking centre







We always try to listen to what our clients want and we aim to keep things fun and exciting for our children. So we have added a very special event every winter Wednesday at 5.15pm.

All children love the sparkly world of UNICORNS and we are offering a magical Unicorn experience. Little girls love the idea of dressing up ponies and we have had many requests for Unicorn fun.

It will include brushing and grooming, painting glitter on pony hooves and decorating with fun accessories. Then they will be able to ride their unicorns to music.

This activity will run until the end of March, when it will switch to Sunday afternoons. It is also available for private party hire on Sundays.


cannock chase trekking centre cannock chase trekking centre











School holidays will bring a whole feast of trekking centre activities.

MY LITTLE PONY is a two hour activity session which includes grooming, plaiting, a riding lesson and fun and games. It also includes a small snack and a drink. Dates:
Wednesday February 20th, Wednesday April 17th, Wednesday July 24th, Wednesday August 7th, Wednesday October 20th and Friday December 27th.

The October session will have a Halloween theme with fancy dress, games and apple bobbing for the ponies. The December date will be a Christmas party theme.


Cannock chase trekking centre cannock chase trekking centre











HOME ON THE RANCH is a morning of cuddly pets. Spend two hours with our ponies, donkey, bunnies and Pygmy goats. This includes a paddock ride and a small snack and drink. Dates: Thursday February 21st, Thursday April 18th, Thursday July 25th, Thursday August 8th, Thursday October 31st. This one will have a Halloween theme.


cannock chase trekking centre cannock chase trekking centre







Our RIDING SCHOOL is open from Wednesday to Sunday every week and on Saturdays we have a programme for children.

INTRO TO RIDING begins at 9.45am and introduces our young riders to the first steps of walking and trotting. RIDING IMPROVEMENT is aimed at children who have completed six weeks of the intro class and introduces canter for the first time. INTERMEDIATE RIDING looks at the transition to jumping and basic dressage. This is for age seven and upwards.

cannock chase trekking centre cannock chase trekking centre








On Sundays we have PADDOCK RIDES for young children at 10am and 11am. And obviously there are opportunities for slightly older kids to join our TREKS on Cannock Chase.

cannock chase trekking centre cannock chase trekking centre










Please contact the centre for prices and booking information and keep an eye on our website and Facebook page throughout the year.

Open Day – Saturday 22nd April 2017

Celebrate our Open Day and Save Money

Come and see our new Indoor Arena, Bistro, Conference Facilities and meet our horses. Get £5.00 off all bookings made and paid for on the day.

We have demonstrations throughout the day catering for all age groups and abilities in our Indoor Arena. Outdoors you can meet the team, our horses and try your hand at the Bucking Bronco ride while savouring a hog roast.

The Days Events on 22nd April 2017

Indoors in Our Arena

Time Event
10.15am Introduction to Riding
Demonstration by our Little Chasers
10.35am Riding Improvement
Demonstration by our Little Chasers
11.00am Intermediate Riding
Demonstration with BHS Registered Instructor, Karen
Midday Equifit / Equilates
Demonstration with REPS Registered Instructor, Nicky
1.00pm Meet the Farrier
Watch Karl at work with our horses
2.00pm Natural Horsemanship / Bareback
Demonstration with Lisa
3.00pm Stallion Zidane parades his foals
Dakota, Oregon, Indiana, Arizona, Montana

Outside at the Trekking Centre

Time Event
10.00am – Midday Meet the horses and the team
Midday Onwards Bucking Bronco Ride & Hog Roast
2.00pm – 4.00pm Meet the horses and the team

Summer’s Just Around The Corner

Summer’s just around the corner and here at the centre we’re already getting excited about sunny days, long leisurely rides with pub lunches – and exciting gallops on the beach.

All our summer activities are great fun, but the highlight is our holiday in Wales. We’ve been going for four years now and we have a fabulous time. The horses enjoy it as much as we do!

We are based at Abergwynant Farm, near Dolgellau, for three days of beach and mountain rides and swimming the horses in the sea. We stay in comfortable self-catering cottages on the farm, and your horse is exactly that – yours to care for and ride for the whole of your stay.

And we have a brilliant time in the evening too. The social side is great and our riders have all become firm friends.

The holidays are so popular that last year we branched out and ran two – one in July and a second in August.

That experiment was such a success that this year we’re doing the same – and have come up with another new plan to ensure that as many of our clients as possible can join in the fun.

I will be based in Wales with the horses for a whole week in July and another in August, and the riders will come to me.

There will be a three-day holiday on July 13th, 14th and 15th (cost £510), followed by another on July 16th, 17th and 18th.

A third three-day holiday will be on August 8th, 9th and 10th.

August 11th will be a one-day beach ride (£150), something we are doing for the first time. I hope this will be a real treat for any riders who can’t make one of the three-day breaks.

Then the horses will have a day off before we finish with another three-day holiday on August 13th, 14th and 15th.

We still have some vacancies, so contact the centre for more details. This will be Cannock Chase on tour – come and join us!

I have another plan for short riding breaks – but this time we’ll be staying on the Chase. The idea is to do some two-day weekend trail rides, staying overnight at a lovely B and B that we have used before. We’ll stop for pub lunches or have a picnic delivered to us on the trek.

We’ll be catering for small groups only and my ultimate aim is that at some stage we will be able to let experienced clients ride the trail by themselves.

We haven’t set any dates for this yet, so please contact the centre if you are interested and we will put our plans into action.