Horses For Sale At The Trekking Centre

All our horses here at the centre are much-loved members of our family, so the prospect of parting with any of them can be heart-breaking.

But, like us, there comes a time when they need to take life more easily.

Just thinking about horses for sale is enough to give me sleepless nights, but sometimes it has to be done and my priority then is to find my old friends wonderful forever homes.

The horses here have to be up to full fitness and able to provide a terrific experience for everyone from beginners to knowledgeable riders. I always promised myself that I would never have horses that can only do part of the job and when I see the signs I know I have a tough decision to make.

Retirement day comes at different times for different horses. We have a couple of older boys at the moment, Emrys and Tom, who have been here for many years but still enjoy every moment of their work and show every week that they can still keep up with anyone on a trek.

On the other hand, we have two younger lads who both need a new life and so I have had to make the dreaded ‘horses for sale’ decision. One is PJ, a great favourite with our clients, and the other is Tally, a boy who really needs an experienced one-to-one home.

We have had lots of enquiries from people who want them, but I have to make sure they are going to ideal homes and I’m not afraid to say no.

PJ is just gorgeous – I call him Peaches after the cuddly little mammoth in the Ice Age film. He’s a young-at-heart 16, 14 hands and a lovely chocolate and white. He has such a lot to offer the right owner. Ideally I want him to go to a lightweight adult or to a young rider who will have lots of fun with him. He wants to be someone’s best friend.

He has loads of experience, he’s done our Wales holidays and been on the Sheriff’s Ride, and he is a big favourite on the yard. There will be many tears when he leaves.

We thought we had found his forever home, but unfortunately that person sold him to a horse dealer and we had to act quickly to buy him back. He’s worth his weight in gold and he deserves a lovely family to spend the rest of his life with.

The other horse for sale is Tally, a very handsome seven-year-old Welsh Section D, who is 14.2hh and won in the show ring with a previous owner. He is a lovely pony but he needs a home where he can receive lots of individual attention. He had a little bit of a rough start before he joined us and he wants a special friend who can regain his trust. Experienced hands will be the key and patience and love will bring out the best in him.

If you think you can give PJ or Tally the perfect home, please contact the centre.

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