Retirements At The Trekking Centre

What an emotional time we all had recently when we said goodbye to our beautiful Megan, one of our great favourites.

Megan had been here at the centre for 12 years, a tall and elegant Andalusian grey who captured a little piece of the hearts of everyone who ever rode her.

She was – and still is – the perfect horse, a steady confidence giver to beginners or the nervous and a forward going and eager ride for the more experienced. What fun our clients have had with kind and gentle Meg over the years, especially those lucky enough to take her on the Wales holidays or the Sheriff’s ride.

But she was slightly lame after the last Sheriff’s, and after thinking long and hard, the decision was made that she needed a different life in a five-star home.

When the day came there were tears from the staff, the clients were in bits and I wasn’t doing too well myself! But, as I explained on our Facebook page, my emotions were mixed. I was so sad to drive her away to her new home, but so happy that she has moved on to a bright future in a perfect place.

Her new owner is lovely, she has a best friend called Pia and she is spending her days taking leisurely hacks around the bridleways in Worcestershire where she now lives, with an occasional fun ride thrown in if she fancies a reminder of her speedier youth.

All our clients were interested to hear about her new home and that prompted me to think you might like to hear about how some of our other ‘pensioners’ are getting on.

I am sure you all remember Kara and Billy. They were sold together to a family, who unfortunately had to part with them. But they moved on to a fantastic home together where they are happy and settled. They are not too far away and still enjoy their rides over the Chase. Kara is busy learning a new skill and recently came second in her very first dressage competition. I hope there are lots more rosettes for her.

Millie was another of our favourites and is now the very best friend of 13-year-old Lauren Brown. Lauren lost her confidence after a bad fall a few years ago and Millie has restored her love of riding. They are doing well in the showing ring and enjoy hacking out around the lanes. Millie shares Lauren’s fashion sense and surely must be the best-dressed pony in Staffordshire. She has an extensive wardrobe – most of it pink!

Tommy Tucker taught so many children during his years here at the centre and is still caring for young riders. This little chap was bought by Rosie, one of our guides, and now looks after her grandchildren. He is spoiled rotten.

Tammy was bought by one of our clients, Lucy Giles, and went to live with her in Stafford. Lucy kept her with a friend, whose horse then sadly died. So Lucy’s friend bought another of ours, May, as a replacement.

These lovely girls were insperable when they lived here so now they are reunited in their retirement homes. They come to visit us regularly and join in our treks over the Chase.

We still have May’s sister, Mel, here and there is much excitement whenever there is a visit. They clearly remember each other and it’s very sweet.

So it’s happy endings all round. It’s always sad to say goodbye, but as you can see, all our old friends are still loving life, and don’t forget, there are five babies coming along who will soon be new favourites.

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