Nicoh Pregnancy: Grade A Appaloosa Mare Second Foal

Nicoh our Grade A Appaloosa Mare who is expecting her second foal on the 18th April to Zidane our Dutch warmblood stallion.


Scanned in foal in May 2013
Continued to work up to December 2013
Currently on maternity leave
Moved into foaling box February 2014
Camera monitoring began on 10th April 2014

11th April:

Nicoh now has a large baby bump and is now developing her udder.

18th April:

Now we’re looking for signs of preparation for birth as this is her due date. Lots of eating and sleeping standing up and her udder is enlarged. She has also started doing horse yoga, lots of stretching, so funny!

19th April:

Now wondering whether the close dates was a good idea! Noticing the first signs of preparation for birth.Nicoh is doing lots of yoga stretches and rubbing her tail. She seems restless tonight lots of lying down and getting up, but I don’t think tonight is the night!

20th April:

Observing Nicoh in the field she is now distancing herself from Tia (our other mare in foal) and seems to want to be alone and a bit agitated, this can be a sign that foaling is nearing. Nicoh is looking chilled this evening but her baby bump has dropped into a point now and her muscles on her hind end have relaxed and udder is getting fuller.

21st April:

Nicoh seems quiet today. Lying down sleeping a lot.

22nd April:

Nicoh has started to dig up her bed tonight, she did this the night she had Dakota. Fingers crossed not long now. She’s also holding her tail out to one side constantly.

23rd April:

Nicoh at last wax has appeared on her teats (small milk beads). Most say 24 hours from this point but can vary and she went a few days after this point with Dakota. Very restless night with Nicoh, up all night with her definitely in slow labour.

24th April:

Nicoh heavily waxed this morning and reluctant to be turned out into the paddock, not like her at all. She’s constantly flashing her tail.

25th April:

Nicoh is even more waxed up and looking really uncomfortable. She is constantly holding her tail to the side. Not long now!

26th April:

Nicoh is dripping milk this morning which is a clear indication that baby is definitely coming tonight!

7.15pm: Second stage of labour has started; she is digging her bed, agitated, rubbing her tail and kicking one leg.

8.00pm: Eating a bit of her haynet then pacing again

8.49pm: Getting up and down now and the white bag is now visible. I have entered the stable to make sure that baby is presenting itself correctly

Baby born: 9.20pm
Stood up for first time: 10.03pm
Feeding from mum: 11.20pm

So happy with a beautiful filly we have named Indiana!

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