Tia Pregnancy: Irish Sports Horse Mare First Foal

Tia our Irish Sports Horse Mare who is expecting her first foal on the 3rd May to Zidane our Dutch warmblood stallion.


Scanned in foal in May 2013
Continued to work up to December 2013
Currently on maternity leave
Moved into foaling box in February 2014
Camera monitoring began on 10th April 2014

11th April:

Tia has also got a large baby bump and a less developed udder to Nicoh.

18th April:

Tia has also increased her udder size and is sleeping a lot now lying flat out. She seems tired and her baby bump is now huge! Bigger than Nicoh’s!! She is breathing heavily constantly whilst she’s lying down.

19th April:

Tia is sweaty and agitated tonight which is out of character for her. She keeps lying down and getting up and looking at her belly. Seems uncomfortable. Not sure which camera to watch as both girls showing signs!

20th April:

Tia also seems a bit grumpy with Nicoh and is happy to keep her distance, so different to how they’ve been over the last few months together. Her baby bump is now huge and also has dropped, wonder what she’s carrying! Thinking she might want to beat Nicoh to foaling first!

21st April:

Tia also quiet and lying flat out.

22nd April:

Lots of swishing tail, sleeping and eating.

23rd April:

Tia is just looking huge and tired. She keeps looking at her belly; think she can’t understand what’s happening! Confused.com!!

24th April:

Tia noticeably developed udder, don’t think she’ll be too far behind Nicoh.

25th April:

Tia is spending lots of time getting up and down, biting her belly and kicking.

26th April:

Tia has started to dig her bed and is shifting her weight from side to side. She is also stamping her feet lots and swishing her tail.

27th April:

Tonight you can see baby kicking a lot. Poor Tia doesn’t know what to do with herself!

28th April:

Tia is mooching and smelling her bed a lot, still weight shipping and holding her tail to the side, sleeping a lot…. Flat out!

29th April:

Today Tia has been pawing the ground and has been quite restless in the field. This evening she has been rolling and is making her nest….Hopefully the foal isn’t too far away!

30th April:

Tia caught me out!

No signs at 4am…. no signs at 5am…. and then on the monitor at 6am our latest baby girl had arrived!

Emily our stud vet had warned me that maiden mares are very sneaky! How true is that?!

5:30am: Baby born

6.20am: Stood up for first time

7.30am: Feeding from mum

A perfect pinto filly – we have named her Arizona!

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