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MY GUIDE TO THE BABIES – PART TWO I hope you all enjoyed reading Part One of my Who’s Who guide to Zidane’s children. And I really hope it helps you all to remember which mares are the mummies of these gorgeous young horses. So off we go with Part Two and I start with […]


MY GUIDE TO ZIDANE’S BABIES I always dreamed of running a stud alongside my trekking centre and the arrival here of my gorgeous Dutch Warmblood stallion Zidane made that dream come true. His offspring are now stunning young horses and you have all followed with excitement their progress from birth to growing up and training. […]

Blizzards and Droughts

  It’s that time of the year when I always take a look back at the year just ending here at the Trekking Centre and start thinking about the year to come. I find it helps me plan and come up with new ideas but when I look back at 2018 I am still amazed […]

ZIDANE – Dutch Warmblood Stallion

ZIDANE – Dutch Warmblood 16’2 Licensed KWPN Tobiano Stallion by Samber When I hear people talk about “the horse of a lifetime” I always think about how very lucky I am, because I have three. I never take my good fortune for granted – I know how very special all of my boys are. There […]

Pele – Rose Grey Andalusian

PELE – rose grey Andalusian Well, I don’t know how it happened but it did! How can I possibly have reached P on our alphabetical tour of the trekking centre and left out my beautiful boy? Look back at my blogs and there is Paddy and then it jumps to Pirate! No Pele! So I […]

Zeus – Grey Connemara

ZEUS – grey Connemara Now our alphabetical tour of the trekking centre stable yard is coming to an end. We have reached Z and centre stage this week is Zeus. This super fun and reliable boy came to me from a good friend who I had already bought a couple of our gorgeous trekking centre […]

Wispa – Highland Cross

This lovely mare – full name Chase Wispa – has a story so full of plot lines that it could be an episode from our very own trekking centre soap opera! We have here her mum, Princess, and readers of my blog will know that Wispa was a surprise package. But that is just the […]

Toby – Irish Coloured Cob

Toby’s official name is Tobias Jug – it brings a smile to my face every time I think of it. And Toby makes me smile a lot too, because he is such a good and reliable boy here at the trekking centre. We seem to have a theme going of horses I have found through […]

Tia – Irish Cob Cross Mare

TIA – Irish Cob Cross This gorgeous mare is my Apache war horse! That is what I think she looks like with her striking markings and I can just imagine her decorated with war paint. But she doesn’t have a warlike nature at all. In fact, as anyone who rides her knows, she is the […]

Summer – Welsh Section C

Summer is our little strawberry roan superstar and is the last of our S’s on our journey around the stable yard – but she is certainly not the least. She is the grandma of our herd – the oldest of my horses – but Summer still has energy to spare and loves her work. She […]