Seasons on The Chase

by Lisa Gregory

Here at the trekking centre we are so lucky to have the glorious open countryside of Cannock Chase literally as our back garden.

Go through our gate and you will find yourself in thousands of acres of perfect riding country, with just the occasional road to cross.

The Chase is beautiful in all seasons, from the first touch of green in early spring to the blaze of purple heather on the moorlands in high summer and then the golds of the autumn forests.


cannock chase trekking centre cannock chase trekking centre cannock chase trekking centre











Riding on the Chase through the seasons is wonderful and at the moment we are looking forward to our spring and summer treks and lots of special activities (details on our events page).

We do of course become busier as the days get longer but some of those riders who enjoy visiting us during the summer will call a halt as the days shorten.

There are so many enjoyable reasons to keep on riding all year round. Spring is feeling as if it’s here for us now, but if you don’t normally ride when it’s chilly, start thinking now about joining us here when the autumn rolls round again.

Obviously it is still possible to come for a relaxing and low key outing but autumn and winter is a good time for people who want to learn more while on a trek and challenge themselves a little.

cannock chase trekking centre cannock chase trekking centre










Our groups in those seasons are often smaller, especially on week days, so myself and my staff can spend more one-on-one time with individual clients and help you while you are riding.

And because the ground is often soft with plenty of give for my horses’ legs we can sometimes have a much more energetic ride. The horses love that too because they are having less work and so are full of bounce and sparkle!

Even a frosty day when the ground is hard can be wonderful. The winter Chase looks stunning dressed in white and on a steady walk we can look out for our resident herds of fallow deer. They are easier to spot when the foliage dies down and are unafraid of the horses, so will often just quietly watch us go by.

cannock chase trekking centre






Clear days show the best of our panoramic views out to the Shropshire hills in the west and the Staffordshire Moorlands in the north.


cannock chase trekking centre










It is really only snow that puts paid to our winter riding when ground conditions become unsafe. But we have been known to get caught out by a snow shower while we are out on the Chase and that can be fun too!


cannock chase trekking centre










Returning to the centre is a real treat in winter. I always think that in summer our bistro has a ranch style atmosphere and we will all be enjoying that very soon. We will be making the most of the cowboy feeling with our Western themed party night on Saturday 25th May (tickets available at reception).










But in cold weather it is more like a ski lodge with the log fire blazing and a cup of hot chocolate to savour.

cannock chase trekking centre ranch bistro








And of course we have all our activities for both adults and children in the comfort of the indoor arena to enjoy. Full details of all our clinics and classes can be found on our events page

So if you are inclined to be a bit of a “fair weather rider” I hope I have convinced that the fun doesn’t stop when summer ends. Come and join us through all the seasons!