New Equestrian Centre

Progress on our New Equestrian Centre – Weeks 4, 5 & 6

What a surprise I had when I returned home from a few days away to discover we now had the complete framework of an indoor arena, the first building that will be complete for our new equestrian centre!  I just can’t believe how quickly it went up – there was nothing there when I left.

Progress on the whole site has followed the same theme; the contractors are making steady and excellent progress with every day that passes.  I am sure all you riders notice a difference every time you visit.  Here’s how the new equestrian centre project has moved on during weeks four, five & six:


The blockwork started on the visitors’ centre and quickly grew up to floor level. The sub base was laid and we could now clearly see how the layout will look when the building is complete. It also gave us a good impression of the surrounding outside area, which visitors will be able to enjoy too.  The septic tank was also installed and the team started laying the drainage around the visitors’ centre.


This was the week when the magic happened! The crane arrived to lift the arena’s steel supports into place.

We were told it would fly up once the work started, and the builders were right about that! From start to finish the whole process took just three days and there it was, perfectly timed for my return home. It’s all ready for the cladding and the roof to go on in two weeks’ time.

There was more progress too on the visitors’ centre, with the concrete cast for the floor. And outside the car park area started to take shape with the ground levelled off.


No big dramas this week, just nice steady progress.

The crew finished all the drainage around the visitors’ centre and then continued with the block work so that the walls are continuing to grow. Then it was on to painting the steel framework in the arena, so the primer and a couple of protective coats went on.

We can’t wait to see what changes weeks seven and eight will bring.

I keep saying how delighted I am with the way our lovely horses take everything in their stride, but they have really been exceptional lately.  They were not worried in the slightest by the sight of the crane swinging the steel beams into place for the arena.  Some of them were, in fact, setting off for a ride while the work was at its busiest, and were totally chilled out about the whole thing.  And later we caught sight of a group of them peeping over the fence to have a look at it. Perhaps they were imagining themselves cantering around in there. They are just amazing – I’m so proud of them.

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