Connor – by Lisa Gregory

My new regular Horse of the Week feature is proving to be a popular one with my blog readers and my staff.

My yard team are enjoying the chance to pay tribute to any of our horses and ponies they consider to be doing an exceptional job – and it’s not that easy to choose, as we think they are all wonderful!

Karen’s choice

It’s now the turn of our BHS coach Karen Hudson to pick, and she has nominated our popular little chestnut Connor as her Horse of the Week.

Her choice also gets my vote as this fabulous Welsh Section D boy has a special place in my heart. I bought Connor when he was just six months old as a surprise 30th birthday gift for my sister. I presented him to her with a big bow round his neck, and she has loved him ever since.

I trained him for riding when he was four, and it was so easy as he took the whole process in his stride. Connor started his career as a trek leader with my sister in the saddle, and, although she doesn’t ride much any more, she is devoted to him.

He has never put a foot wrong – he is just perfect at any job he is given. He excels in lessons and in treks out on Cannock Chase.

And anyone who saw him in our ranch-party Western riding displays last summer would think he had been barrel racing all his life! Now over to Karen…

My Mr Reliable – by Karen Hudson

When I was asked for my nomination for Horse of the Week, one name popped straight into my head.

There was no doubt at all that it had to be Connor, the first horse I ever taught a pupil on after I started as a coach here at the trekking centre. Lisa’s horses were just getting used to working in the new indoor arena, and I took a complete beginner in there for a lesson on Connor. He never put a foot wrong.

From day one, he has been the most consistent horse I use for lessons. He is amazing for the children in group lessons, and in one-on-one coaching sessions he is fantastic, whether the rider is a child or an adult. Connor is always top of my list for lesson choices and the one I always turn to. He is excellent at teaching people to canter.

He had never done polework before, but, recently, he has really taken to it and is now popping little fences with genuine enjoyment.

I cannot say enough good things about Connor – he makes my job so pleasurable. I can put anyone on him, from a complete beginner to an advanced rider, and he will always look after them and give his best.

He gives his riders the confidence to try other horses. And if someone is having a bad day or finds their confidence a little shaky I always recommend they have a lesson on Connor. He will always behave himself and will always go beautifully.

Connor is my number one and my Mr Dependable. I absolutely adore him.