There are few places in the Midlands as beautiful as Cannock Chase. Declared “an area of outstanding natural beauty” in 1985, the Cannock Chase forest and surrounding area retains it mesmerising character and charm, despite being easily accessible by means of both the A460 and the A513. With its enticing mixture of varied woodland, wide-open heathland, unique historical features from 500 years ago and outstanding wildlife, the 26 square mile park is a stunning place to visit. It also offers some of the best scenic riding country in Britain.

Cannock Chase20th century history is well represented by the two war cemeteries and memorials located in Cannock Chase; one the final resting place for soldiers of the Commonwealth and the other for German soldiers who fought in both world wars. Meanwhile, the mining artefacts and remains are of particular interest to those who want to see, rather than just read about, real exhibits of a bygone industrial age. Horse riding and trekking therefore provide the ideal opportunity to appreciate how life used to be, slowly, with ancient industry and the Chase’s endless natural beauty coexisting side by side.

Being fortunate enough to live and work here, we know that the best way to appreciate Cannock Chase’s stunning wildlife is from the back of a horse! The Chase’s herd of fallow deer, numbering as many as 800, is something you will never forget. The Chase is also home to many different types of birds, including several endangered species such as the migrant Nightjars. Best of all, the birds and deer may notice the horses but often not their riders, giving you the best chance to see these creatures.

Riding across Cannock Chase brings you fully into the spirit of this amazing countryside as nothing else can. The experience makes you part of the Chase itself and we promise that you will not be disappointed. With the Forestry Commission visitors’ centre, the Birches Drive museum and an additional visitors’ centre at Marquis Drive, it is always easy to fill a great day with a visit to Cannock Chase. Even better though is the experience of riding a wonderful horse through the splendour and beauty of this magnificent scenery; something that will stay with you forever and remain one of your most enjoyable and enduring memories.

Although the Chase is one of the smallest designated areas of natural beauty in the UK, far from imposing limitations, its relatively compact size makes it an ideal location for a day’s riding. There is sufficient diversity to interest everyone, whatever their interests; and the fresh air is simply amazing! A truly beautiful and fascinating place, Cannock Chase proves once and for all that the ‘industrial’ Midlands lacks nothing when it comes to accessing the countryside. However, riding one our beautiful and friendly horses across the Chase ensures the ultimate enjoyment of some of the most spectacular scenery that you are ever likely to encounter. Experienced rider or novice, we offer you one of most memorable and enjoyable experiences of your life.