Our meun’s are up to date and hopefully we have something for you. All our food is made fresh to order and our coffee is ground fresh to your liking. Please feel free to discuss with our team if you have any diety requirements.
Sun Rise

Sun Rise

Pancakes or Waffles

Topped with your choice of ‘bacon and maple syrup’ or ‘bananas, toffee and fresh cream’ or ‘nutella and fresh cream with fresh fruits’.

Fruit Toasted Teacakes

Served with butter and your choice of strawberry jam, honey or marmalade.

Toasted White or Brown Bloomer

Served with butter and your choice of strawberry jam, honey or marmalade

Toasted Sandwich’s

Honey roasted ham and cheddar cheese, Mushroom and cheddar cheese, Tomato and cheedar cheedar or why not add Pinapple tp your Ham and cheddar cheese toasted sandwich served with salad garnish.

Cowboy Breakfast Cob

Rashens of bacon, egg, mushrooms and black pudding with toasted brioche, a salad garnish and a sauce of your choice.

Noon Siesta

Noon Siesta

Ranch Nachos

Tortilla chips topped with cool salsa, melted cheddar cheese and jalapeno’s served with sour cream and guacamole, dusted with smoked paprika.

Ranch Chilli

Homemade chunky ranch chilli, smoked and topped with jalapeno’s served with sour cream, guacamole and tortilla chips.

Nachos Sharing Plate

Tortilla chips layered with cool salsa, melted cheddar cheese, homemade chunky ranch chilli dressed with papirka, sour cream, guacamole topped with jalapeno’s.

Ranch Fries

With sea salt and rosemary and cool mayonnaise.

Toasted Panini’s

Filled with your choice of ‘honey roasted ham and cheddar cheese’ or ‘goats cheese and red onion’ or ‘tomato, mozzarella and pesto’ served with salad garnish and vegetable crisps.

Ranch Burger

100% beef burger seasoned and topped with smoked back bacon, melted cheese and smoked barbeque sauce on a brioche bun served with ranch fries, onion rings, coleslaw and salad garnish.

Loaded Potato Skins

Filled with your choice of ‘smoked bacon and cheddar cheese’ or ‘mushroom and cheddar cheese’ served with salad garnish, sour cream and barbeque sauce.

Cod Fish Finger Toasted Sandwich

Served with salad garnish and tartar sauce.

Homemade Brandy and Garlic Pate

Served with toasted foccaccia, caramelised red onion chutney, raspberry coulis and salad garnish.

Toasted Goat’s Cheese Focaccia

Served with caramelised red onion chutney and salad garnish.

Andalusian Toasted Muffin

Prawns with crab meat infused with lime mayonnaise topped with cheese on a muffin served with salad garnish, sour cream and guacamole.

Drovers Sharing Platter

Served with brandy and garlic homemade pate, toasted fococcia with goats cheese, caramelised red onion chutney, raspberry coulis, olive bowl, and a dressed chorizo and sundried tomato salad.

Sun Down Sweetness

Sun Down Sweetness

Soft Centred Muffins

White chocolate and raspberry, double chocolate with a gooey centre and lemon with white chocolate pieces, and a lemon curd centre.

Selection of cake slices

Selection of slices from cherry bakewell, chocolate brownie, millinaries shortbread to coconut and raspberry slice. Please see the counter for today’s flavours.

Carole’s Homemade Cakes

Carrot Cake, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Fudge and Lemon cake.

All can be served hot or cold and hand dressed to the cake of your desire.

Festive Specials

Steamy Snowball

White hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marsh mellows.

Winter Wonderland Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate with winter spice’s topped with whipped cream.

Christmas Delight Latte

Eggnot, cherry, vanilla, double espresso topped with whipped cream.

Blackforest Gatuax Hot Chocolate

Cherry, amaretto, hot chocolate, steam milk, topped with whipped cream and glaze cherries, chocolate sauce.

Gingerbread Latte

Espresso with gingerbread, steamed milk and miniature gingerbread man.

Caramel Truffle Latte

Caramel sauce blended with amaretto. Espresso with steamed milk drizzled with caramel sauce.

Salted Caramel White Hot Chocolate

White chocolate, salted caramel with steam milk topped with whipped cream and toffee.

Fresh Grounds


Solo Espresso


Cafe Latte

Cafe Mocha

White Chocolate Mocha


Caramel Macchiato

Hot Chocolate

White Hot Chocolate

Hazelnut Rocher Hot Chocolate

All drinks can be accompanied with the following:

Whipped Cream, Marshmellows, Toasted Marshmellows, Extra Shot Espresso or Shot of Syrup

Chilled Drinks
Iced Flavoured Tea’s

Lemon, Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Mint, Orange, Vanilla and many more flavours available.

Frappe Vanilla or Coffee Base

Caramel, Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate Flavour’s.

Soft Drinks

J2o Apple and Raspberry or Orange and Passion Fruit

Bottled Water Still or Sparkling

Coco Cola, Diet Coke, San Pellegrino Orange or Lemon

Gee Gee’s Milkshakes
Gee Gee’s Milkshake’s

For an extra treat! Why not try our Monstershake with an added surprise!

Please ask at the counter for our monstershake.


Milk chocolate with golden honeycombed centre blended with vanilla ice cream and fresh milk topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and honeycomb pieces.


Banana’s blended with vanilla ice cream and fresh milk topped with whipped cream, toffee fudge sauce and toffee pieces.


Milk chocolate blended with vanilla ice cream and fresh milk topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate pieces.


Milk chocolate blended with orange syrup, vanilla ice cream and fresh milk topped with whipped cream, chocoalte sauce and chocolate pieces.


Milk chocolate and coconut blended with vanilla ice cream and fresh milk topped with whipped cream and coconut pieces.

Bay (Gluten Free)

Daim bar cake blended with vanilla ice cream and fresh milk topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate pieces.

Strawberry Roan

Fresh strawberries blended with vanilla ice cream and fresh milk topped with whipped cream, strawberry sauce and fresh strawberry.


Vanilla ice cream blended with fresh milk topped with whipped cream and chocolate pieces.